Virtual Meetings, Virtual Classes, and Virtual Doctor visits
Whether you are in need of conducting virtual classes, virtually meet with clients or conduct a virtual doctor visit, we are here to help.
We can provide the solutions that you need to manuever in this new world we are living in.
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Streaming/Broadcast Services
Ever wanted to be a radio personality or an online news anchor? Stream your own content and reach the world?
We specialize in technology for audio and video online streaming, green screens, social media streaming, simultaneous streaming and video/audio recording.
We have the technology to make your dreams come true. Our services include the full solution from start to finish. We handle all technical needs, services, setup, and management. Our services are available 24/7, without question.
We have IT experts, developers, broadcast engineers, and web developers to get you the solution you are looking for.
You can choose our full solution or only what you need. 
Pricing depends on the desired services.
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Law Enforcement Technology
Our team is ready to meet your technical needs for any Law Enforcement requirements you may have.
We know CJIS and the technical demands it has on our law enforcement community. We stay abreast of all technical demands mandated by FDLE and the FBI. We can help you exceed the CJIS requirements and make sure you are following the policy correctly.
Some of our specialties include technology for: vehicles, dispatch/911 centers, CNT trailers, data centers, jail, admin, Office365, mobile device tracking, VPN, CAD, servers, exchange and much more.
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Managed IT Services

Backup Solutions

Your data is important. It is critical that you have the proper backup solution to protect it. We offer solutions for small and large corporations. Our backup solutions include but are not limited to:


Virtual, Physical, Tape Library,  and Disaster Recovery.


You can always purchase hardware, but you can never get your data back once it is permanently destroyed. With our backup solutions, we can store your data in remote sites and restore all or part of your data with the click of a button (limitations include: time and resources).


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IT Infrastructure


We know how important your data is to you. Our experience has taught us that available resources are heavily dependent on the quality of your hardware infrastructure. We are here to facilitate the expertise needed to set up a high-performance infrastructure to support your day to day operations.


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Technical Services & Solutions
Why suffer through trying to make all your technical equipment work? Let us help you configure your office equipment to run smoothly and make the necessary recommendations while keeping your budget in mind. We understand you want your business to succeed and so do we. There are many solutions available for every type of industry, but knowing which one is the right one for you is half the battle. With our services, we can research, test, implement and software applications and also develop them depending on your needs. Let us be on your team to look out for your best interests and provide you with the ultimate solution.


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HIPAA Compliance


Many things are changing in the medical industry. HIPAA compliance is one of them. OCR, the government agency that has been given the responsibility of enforcing HIPAA began an Audit Pilot Program back in 2012. It's been three years since the initiation of that program and its only a matter of time before auditors begin to contact medical organizations to schedule HIPAA compliant audits. These are mandatory by law. No need to worry, we are here to help, prepare and assist you in this crucial part of your business. Below is a sample of what is expected to be covered to meet HIPAA compliance.




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Web Technology

Years ago,  people would ask "where is your store located?", but with the advancement of technology and mobile devices, the question has changed. Now they ask, "do you have a website, Facebook, Twitter?". The majority of businesses today are found via the web and without a web presence, you might not be as recognized. Surely, you can do it yourself with all the new online providers out there, but without the know-how, it can be very painful and stressful. Let us help you find the right solution for you.


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DataCenter Consulting and  Services


A datacenter is the IT Core of any organization. Having the right hardware and resources is critical in keeping things running smoothly. Yeshua Group has the experience and resources you need to run a successful datacenter. By using our resources you can cut back on costs and the headache of keeping everything running efficiently.


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Cyber Security


The best approach to cybersecurity goes beyond rules and firewall appliances. The only way to protect your organization is to proactively monitor and manage your network security 24/7, and train your personnel on cyber sense.


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Child Internet Safety
Protect your child's innocence!
A child should never be exposed to internet content that is not for them. We all know how technology is an ever-changing industry. Our children have access to so much information that parents can‘t keep up. Let us help you protect your child's innocence by filtering what they see on the internet. We know our children can't walk through life blindfolded, but they don't need the extra help.


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BioScience Infrastructure
Scientific Data is extremely valuable especially when it cannot be reproduced. With our help and support, you can have a reliable infrastructure and backup solution to help you compute and protect your data. We can provide support for setting up small and large computing clusters with the solutions you need to get the results you want.


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Helpdesk Support


With our desktop support solutions, we can support you from anywhere in the world (reliable internet access is required). If you need a more personal solution we can also provide onsite visits.


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Construction Industry Technology
We understand what today's technical needs are for a competitive and demanding economy.
We know that mobility, efficiency, productivity, and quality are key components for positive and effective results.
Without the right technical resources and security, your organization could be at risk of losing customers and more importantly, money.


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PriVY IT Services


Need a more private and confidential IT team to meet your Technical needs?


Look no further!


With a background in Secret and Classified military information processing and training environments, we know what it means to keep your information secure and private. We specialize in giving you private quality driven technical support, consultation services and expertise you need for your personal or business needs.


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