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Construction Industry Services and Solutions


YESHUA GROUP provides solutions and services that cater to the construction industry. The construction industry has a particular set of demanding requirements that are needed for daily operations. If anything falls out of sync, projects can come to a halt, and organizations can experience detrimental consequences that may damage their reputation. This can be the result of a simple technical problem that could have been avoided by employing the right resources. With a high demand for speed and reliability, we understand that information is critical to any project. Having the resources you need, whether it's in the office or on the road, is essential for a successful project and most importantly a happy client.


HIPAA Compliance


HIPAA is the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The primary goal of the law is to provide confidentiality and security of healthcare information. Security and monitoring are key components of this Act. We are here to support you and assist you through this complicated process. Below, is a sample of HIPAA‘s compliance expectations.


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