IT Budget!

When it comes to technology, small budgets or no budgets at all are a big part of the IT problem. Most businesses don't even consider their IT costs at all. This is due to many reasons, but the number one reason is lack of knowledge or understanding of why a business should have an IT budget.

So why should your business have an IT budget?

Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. No one builds a house without knowing how much it will cost!

  2. Knowing what your technology cost are, will allow you to strategically plan for the future.

  3. It will give you a grip on your technology costs, allowing you to know what was a good investment and what was not.

  4. It allows you to know whether you are investing too much or not enough to protect your assets.

Here are some categories that you can breakdown your IT budget into:

  1. Services

  2. Security

  3. Training

  4. Hardware

  5. Salary/Support Cost (MSP)

IT Budget
IT Budget- Money, Money, Money

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