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                     We are usually encountered with people asking us, "do you know what YESHUA means?" The name of any business is the first thing that any customer knows about a company. When we were deciding on what to call our Information Technology company, it is evident that we wanted something that our customers would remember us by, something that would leave them not just thinking about technology and their immediate need that was met. But also thinking about something that could change the way they see business and life as a whole.


We understand that some customers may feel uncomfortable with the name YESHUA, but we are not here to judge. Our goal at YESHUA GROUP is to provide a fresh breath of air to a customer in need, to come into a business and save them from an impending problem or a situation that could potentially close their doors. For that and many apparent reasons is why we chose the name YESHUA.


A little more about the actual word YESHUA, its origin, and the reason why we chose the word YESHUA can be found in the article below:


A teacher said "a most important word, is the word Yasha. In Hebrew, it means to rescue, to help, to defend, to preserve, to make free, to attain victory, to bring to safety, to heal and to save... one word and the answer to everything."


"How is it the answer to everything?"


"Yasha is what we spend our lives seeking whether we realize it or not. We all need help, we all need freedom, we all need for victory, and we all need and, in one way or another, seek for salvation. In Hebrew, salvation comes from the word Yasha. From the word Yasha comes the Hebrew word yeshua. Yeshua means salvation. So in Hebrew Scriptures, it is written, "He has become my Salvation."


"Who has become Salvation?"


GOD has become Salvation. In other words, GOD would not only be the Creator of the universe, but he would become our salvation. In other words. GOD would become our help, our preserving, our freedom, our victory, our Salvation. GOD would become the answer to our greatest and deepest needs. In Hebrew, GOD would become yeshua."


If the word yeshua means salvation, what is the difference between saying 'God would become salvation' or 'GOD would become yeshua'?


From the Hebrew word yeshua comes the name YESHUA. When the name YESHUA was translated into Greek, it became Iesous, and when Iesous was translated into English, it became JESUS. JESUS is YESHUA...YESHUA is JESUS. YESHUA is the real name of the one the world knows as JESUS.


So GOD will become YESHUA. GOD will become JESUS.


That's exactly what the name YESHUA reveals. It literally means GOD is my Salvation. The ancient hope was that one-day GOD would become our YESHUA, and so HE has. YESHUA means GOD has become our rescue, our help, our freedom, our healing, our victory, and our salvation. GOD has become YESHUA to become the answer to every need. So the key is to take every need in your life and join it to that Name, to YESHUA, one word... and the answer to everything. 


The Mission: GOD has become your YESHUA, the specific answer to your deepest needs. Let that get inside your heart and live accordingly.


Ref: Exodus 15:2; Psalm 118:14; Isaiah 12:2; Matthew 1:21


As you can see, to us in the same way YESHUA or JESUS came to save, we at YESHUA GROUP come to you with a different mindset, that is to rescue businesses from technical problems and provide help and protection to allow them to succeed as a company.