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Local TV Ad

Local TV Advertising Space

Flatscreen Television

Introducing Local TV Ads Space - An excellent opportunity to showcase your brand to thousands of potential customers. Located in highly visible locations and strategically placed to capture the attention of potential customers passing by.


With ad slots, you can effectively engage your target audience and create a lasting impression. Choose from an image or video for the same price. 

Take advantage of this prime advertising space and elevate your brand's visibility today. Contact us to learn more about this valuable marketing opportunity.

*These are privately owned TV locations not to be confused with your local television stations, We focus strictly on marketing, not TV shows or News.

Price per Location


per location

iCare Magazine

iCare Magazine Advertizing

Introducing iCare Magazine Ad Space - Your Gateway to Elevated Brand Visibility!

Are you seeking a powerful platform to shine a spotlight on your brand? Look no further than iCare Magazine Ad Space! 

Unlock the potential to captivate thousands of potential customers with our strategically placed, highly visible ad slots. Positioned at the forefront of high-traffic areas, our ad spaces are expertly designed to seize the attention of passing potential customers.

Elevate your brand's visibility and seize the moment to make a remarkable impact in your industry. iCare Magazine Ad Space offers a prime opportunity to connect with your target audience and stand out from the crowd.

Ready to make your brand unforgettable?


Contact us today to seize this invaluable marketing opportunity. Don't miss your chance to thrive in the spotlight with iCare Magazine Ad Space!





  • PRINT: DIRECT MAIL AND MANUAL CUSTOM DISTRIBUTION: iCare Magazine racks, selected locations, Medical Offices, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Customers, Chambers, Libraries, Convenience Stores, Coffee Shops, Dealerships, retail places and more…

  • DIGITAL: Your ad in the digital editions of your choice in the iCare Community Magazine and on our website.

  • Digital ads are trackable and clickable back to the customer's website.

  • Customer ads that are trackable and clickable are shown on the iCare Facebook page.

  • Customer ad that is trackable and clickable featured in our Advertiser’s Directory on our website.

  • Monthly email campaigns to thousands of Treasure Coast residents with a dedicated link back to our Advertiser’s Directory on our website.




COVERS:      $2,195/Mo

Back Cover:  $995/Mo.

Full Page:     $795/Mo.

Half Page:    $495/Mo.

Third Page:   $395/Mo.

Page:      $295/Mo.

Back Page Corner $ 250.00/Mo

1/6 Page $ 195/Mo

1/8 Page$ 150/Mo

  • Professional Photo additional fee.

  • Professional Writer additional fee.

  • All logos must be submitted in high resolutions 300 dpi or higher.

  • Cover Story includes One Full Page.

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