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OIG Agent Marketing Services

Providing Everything You Need

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Socia Media Starter

  • Social media management

    • (2 platforms: Facebook, Instagram)

  • Biweekly posts, 2 posts a month, content creation with Graphic Design (text-based posts and graphics)

  • Social Monthly performance report

  • Agent Landing page

  • Basic website hosting and maintenance (updates, security checks)

Price: $300 per month

Digital Brand Builder

  • Social media management

    • (2 platforms: Facebook and Instagram)

  • Bi-weekly posts

    • 2 posts a month content creation (images, short videos)

  • Monthly performance report with insights

  • Agent Landing page

  • Hosting and maintenance (updates, security checks)

  • Monthly blog post creation

Price: $500 per month

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Online Dominator

  • Social media management

    • (4 platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) 4 posts a month

  • Weekly content creation (images, short videos)

  • Comprehensive performance analytics and insights

  • Agent Landing page and landing page optimization with Starter SEO package within 30 miles radius)

  • Monthly blog post creation

  • Advanced website maintenance, updates, and security)

Price: $1000 per month

Add Ons

  • Google and Social Media Advertising Management $250/month

    • Note: Things to consider is how much you want to invest in Advertisement Spending. This is what Google and social media platforms charge to advertise with them. We recommend a starting budget of $30/day on Google Search Campaign, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) $10/day, LinkedIn, $15/day.

  • 4 page Websites; home, about, contact us, and Blog. $2500 includes domain, professional Microsoft business email, domain, and hosting. The annual Cost thereafter is $450.

  • Domains $35/year

  • Professional Microsoft business email $150/ year

    • Additional email $120/year

  • Professional Microsoft Business email with Office Suite $200/year

  • Email Campaigns Start at $500/Month

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